STL Science Center

STL Science Center

22 May 2012

Paying for Publications

Huayangosaurus does not believe in free publication. Actually, that is not completely true at all. scientific journals do not believe in free publications and pretty much all of the quality papers on Huayangosaurus are in scientific journals; you cannot really fault company for wanting to protect the rights of its authors and to cover its publication costs. That explained, let us share the abstracts today and if you have your own subscription or want to buy a single article, well you don't need me to tell you that it's okay obviously. The first one I found I can actually look at and I have shown everyone the edition of the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology that the paper resides in; a paper on Germanodactylus shares its pages which we discussed previously. If you're not a member of the SVP you can still read the abstract here but if you are, and this is my personal opinion, I recommend opening the PDF via BioOne rather than Taylor and Francis. I always seem to have trouble with T&F telling me I didn't pay for the article even though I'm signed into the SVP site and got there from the SVP site. Basically what you're looking at there is a revamped description of Huayangosaurus done in 2005-2006 which redefines the skeleton a little bit, tweaking previous observations and making new inferences pertaining to the structure of Huayangosaurus' body. In a slightly older, about 14 years older actually, paper also in the JVP, which I cannot get my hands on because they are not backdated online that far, Paul Sereno and Doug Zhimin took a look at the skull of Huayangosaurus and analyzed the clade diagnosis of all of stegosauria using Huayangosaurus as the basal model. That's my impression at least, without reading the entire paper we cannot say for certain of course. If anyone has a copy feel free to let me know, or write in your own opinion of it and we can share!

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