STL Science Center

STL Science Center

17 May 2012

Popular Culture Day

Yangchuanosaurus has many popular culture outlets borrowing its image detailing its facts. Some not in a very detailed way; for instance Dinosaur Train so far has only used the animal as part of its alphabet song. Dinosaur King, as almost always at least, has also used Yangchuanosaurus as the basis for five cards in the card game as well as appearing in the after school cartoon. They also figure into the Dinosaur King video game as well. speaking of video games, there is an entry from Spore, as we typically see. I think this one is done fairly well. There are toys and books as well, as we have seen, the books I mean. Safari's Yangchuanosaurus is peculiarly scratching it's face (or trying to smell his hand, I'm not sure). There are a ton more toys and books out there to find, and more popular culture references, but these lot above I think are the best available to us to share today!


The Dinosaur Train A To Z/Classification Picnic was recently put on TV and I did not know it, sadly. Yangchuanosaurus sounds a lot like George Takai, and that makes me happy. You can watch it in four parts on PBS' website.


  1. Ironicly, a Dinosaur Train episode with Yangchuanosaurus in it was just on TV. (It's also on the PBS website as of the time this comment was made.)

    1. I certainly did not see that this morning, so that's awesome, thanks for the update. I guess that's the price I pay for not having television in my house. So good for not distracting me with useless television, but certainly a negative when it comes to things like this!