STL Science Center

STL Science Center

27 May 2012

We All Need To Learn Somedays

My longest posts are usually Saturdays because I do the illustration thing and I have time to look them up, but I have recently contemplated switching Tuesday and Saturday... but I may not do it. Regardless, I learned some things this morning about yesterday's post and that's what we are here for; to learn and grow together, as PBS as that may sound to some people. I am not, yet at least, a "professional" paleontologist and I have not until summer before last followed academic papers and such, so I am thankful that the paleo community is filled with such nice people that don't throw my occasional oopsy back in my face but show me why I was wrong and where the correct info is.

That's important to address today because I always devote Sundays to family time. Learning about something new with your children or other young relatives and even just taking the time out to sit back and color or read a book online or that you find at the store thanks to our ability to find it online and share it with one another on here. Anything really, so long as the involvement with the blog today is stressing relaxation and casual learning and fun as a family, no matter what kind of family you have. I guess we should get into it today then. Sadly Dinos for Kids and Kids Dinos do not have pages up for Sinraptor, which is okay. There is an abbreviated children's encyclopedia entry that everyone can read together though. I found a neat 3D coloring book as well, and it's not too expensive, but you'd have to order it online. Supposedly there's some Sinraptor in there, but even if it's just dinosaurs in general, that's a good present for your younger family members (or yourself!). As far as actual coloring sheets are concerned, they just don't really exist, so I recommend searching Google for black and white images or just following the search I did works too. There are a number of books and toys, but the books are all encompassing and I'll wait until Thursday to share toys with you. Have a good day relaxing and learning everyone!

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