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STL Science Center

21 June 2012

Fame For Birds

The only really large mention of Gastornis ever is in Walking with Beasts. There's no Dinosaur Train, since it lived after the Mesozoic, there's no Dinosaur King. There, is however, Spore. There always seems to be Spore, which is nice, we get to see what someone can do with a little creativity and a somewhat limited tool base.
There is also one labeled "Sporeatryma" which is kind of funny. Here it is for comparison with the above attempt.
Actual toys are almost non-existent. However, thankfully for us Darren Naish has put up a picture of his Schleich company's Gastornis on Flicker. It's... it's a toy. It's not horribly accurate or inaccurate and that's a lot of praise for a toy of a paleo creature really. Also, apparently this happened, I don't like to watch sequels of cartoon movies if I can avoid it, there was a Gastornis with chicks in the movie Ice Age: The Meltdown. Why Gastornis was alive with Mammoths, I don't rightly know, but Ice Age was never one for accuracy.


  1. When I was little, I had a little plastic Gastornis - I think it originally came from a cereal box or something though I found it at a garage sale. It was a basic neon yellow all over. That and Schleich's are the only ones I've seen.

    1. It would be awesome if you had a picture of that. I have always loved when dinosaur and paleo toys are manufactured in crazy colors, kind of like the company just said "Forget it, we don't know what color it should be. Make it hot pink!"