STL Science Center

STL Science Center

10 June 2012

Hesperornis Links for Children

I like when I can start by saying here is a link for Kid's Dinos that you can read with your little one today. However, I think the real meat of my Sunday posts is always going to be the family activities. The easiest, and least active activity, which is also very fun, is watching Dinosaur Train. This week, like last week, there is an entire episode half dedicated to to our bird for this week. There are not any Youtube links, except a language version that I cannot figure out, maybe Czech, so if you want to watch it in English you have to watch it on Netflix. The Hesperornis is crazy and energetic in this episode, so he's pretty fun to watch. If you want to have a bit more active day, there are some good coloring pages, whether they are actually coloring pages or not! You can color online at or you can color it after you print it out. There are two versions which you could use for that purpose. There is an older illustration in black and white
JF Horrabin
and there is also a newer version, which was not intended to be a coloring page of course, by Josep Zacarias. He reminds me all the time that he didn't mean for them to be coloring pages but that he doesn't mind if I use them that way.
©Josep Zacarias

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