STL Science Center

STL Science Center

14 June 2012

Popular Waterfowl

Primeval anyone?

Hesperornis, what a lovely week it has had. Is it a popular fossil bird? Of course it is! Scientists and children alike love waterfowl and giant waterfowl? Imagine bringing fish and other meat to the pond instead of bread to feed the Hesperornis! It could certainly have happened as it is thought that toward the end of their existence as a genus Hesperornis was slowly migrating inland over successive generations to become freshwater divers rather than maritime divers. Unfortunately all of the Hesperornis are gone; I think that that is unfortunate anyhow. What we have left are things we have created to mimic the fossils or living animals because, well, just because we like them. We have figurines and action figures, see left, and we also have origami, with a how to fold it guide linked for you go getters out there (okay, so they're not explicit directions, but I've seen some people use crease guides to figure origami out, I cannot though). Also, there is always Spore. Very few creatures are not created in Spore and Hesperornis has a fairly good representation to be honest. Check that out:
The only bad things about it are the webbed feet and the fact that the feathers look like fur, but it's a game with a somewhat limited creation tool, so it is well done for what it is.

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