STL Science Center

STL Science Center

29 July 2012

Laura and the Kids

Laura is a juvenile Hypacrosaurus. Not only Laura, but a lot, of other Hypacrosaurs are available to kids to educate them about this rather tall dinosaur. My favorite, as always, Kid's Dinos, has a page on Hypacrosaurus and I always love sharing that with the children who read this or are the children of readers. Enchanted Learning also has one today and thankfully it does not have one of its scary drawings up. Hypacrosaurus is one of those hadrosaurs found with hatchlings that immediately is shared with children by toy makers, book publishers, and other forms of media because, it seems, that babies make children more interested in purchasing things; at least that's what it seems to sound like. Regardless, I found a good coloring page also which you can find below or at this link to

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