STL Science Center

STL Science Center

05 July 2012

Nothing Famous About Presbyornis

Truly, the title says it all. I still have no unearthed any toys, dedicated books, sections of books, videos, songs, or anything else which would create awareness of Presbyornis in the general public. In its own way that is pretty funny and amazing at the same time. This is an ancestor of the living inhabitants of the order anseriformes who make going to the park with a loaf of stale bread oh so much fun, but it shares almost none of the fame and love that its descendants get. A three foot tall duck would probably be a frightening park pond inhabitant anyhow, but I bet it would still love stale bread. I declare that today should be a day for everyone to go to their local pond or park where ducks, and geese, live and throw them some stale bread, cereal, and crackers in memory of Presbyornis!

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