STL Science Center

STL Science Center

02 July 2012

Special Evening Update

My wife created this design for my car slowly over the past four months. I rarely do evening updates, but I thought that the finishing of the design was well worth the post. It started out that she had wanted to put my name on the car, a very big Southern tradition it would seem, and I was pretty firmly against it. When she got the ability to cut out dinosaurs in vinyl I softened a great deal to decorating my car, because I'm a nerd. I figured that she would want to represent herself, so we sat down and decided how we would make a boy and girl dinosaur out of the two she could cut with her machine, she takes orders for custom vinyl cut outs, by the way, and we then got them onto the car.
A little later on she got a program to cut out a volcano, and every dinosaur needs a volcano.
And then lately, because I have seen a lot of cars that have memorials to loved ones plastered all over them, I asked "Can't we make a memorial to dinosaurs?" Everyone should remember dinosaurs, they were a pretty big deal for a long time after all. Anyhow, the design is now done and I thought everyone should share in my happiness at the finishing of the entire piece.

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