STL Science Center

STL Science Center

20 August 2012

BBC Doesn't Share With Me

Being in America any time I try to watch something on the BBC's website it tells me I cannot view in my country. The BBC does not love our copyright laws I guess; there is always a blurb about copyright protection in there as well. I just miss a lot of clips from the BBC is all, and not having any kind of television subscription I cannot watch BBC America or anything like that, which means I missed all of Planet Dinosaur in its entirety on television. This is unfortunate this week as the picture used on Friday was a still from Planet Dinosaur and there is at least one clip that goes along with it. Episode 5, I have come to find out, of Planet Dinosaur was all about the abelisaurs of the south including our friend this week, Skorpiovenator. The website for the BBC sort of makes up for not showing clips in America (and no, I do not have time to go through setting up proxies and getting around such things on school days) by having a good page on abelisaurs and providing a synopsis of the episode as well. There are clips on the internet from that episode, however, such as this Argentinosaurus herd eating.

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