STL Science Center

STL Science Center

13 August 2012

Movie-less Mondays

Given that Riojasaurus is from Argentina and that it is a Triassic animal it comes as little surprise that there is not any kind of documentary about it. Triassic animals are seldom fully understood and southern dinosaurs are still being heavily studied and discovered; they have yet to reach the stage of study in which all the long established theories are sometimes tossed out like we have seen recently in some northern dinosaurs. However, scientific upheaval is a good thing sometimes because it invigorates the scientists involved to approve new theories, disprove new theories, or re-investigate animals that have long been considered overly researched. However, I digress, a lot. Riojasaurus is still relatively new to the paleontology community and that means that anything that is published about it right now is likely to be a new idea, but there just are not that many new ideas yet about the animal that constitute an entire documentary being needed. Someday perhaps a giant prosauropod to sauropod evolution video series may be made and Riojasaurus will be a star for an episode, but without that existing for now we will just have to make do with tribute videos and the like. I cannot be sure that Linkin Park is exactly the music for Riojasaurus, but it is today if you watch this, so enjoy.

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