STL Science Center

STL Science Center

09 September 2012

Amargasaurus: Keeping Children Busy All Day Today

You could almost leave your children alone all day today if they like Amargasaurus. We have dinosaur fact pages, as we often do, like KidsDinos and Science Kids. They can color until they're blue in the face today, of course most of the available black and white illustrations of Amargasaurus are not meant to be coloring pages, but since when has that stopped anyone? Coincidentally, my official standpoint on using other people's art to color is ask for the artist's permission to print it out and color it and please do not post it online, your coloring, without the artist's permission. Additionally, if you see your own art in that bundle of links and you don't want it there, let me know and I'll fix that. Anyway, the kids could also go buy some toys, with whatever they money they have earned or gotten as gifts lately, I mean. There are a lot of videos for kids to watch today too, not that you want your computer to babysit children ever. There is an episode of Dinosaur Train that has a segment on Amargasaurus which you can watch together on PBS and also has the science section with Dr. Scott at the end of the first half of the episode in which he discusses Amargasaurus briefly. In order to see the science bit though you have to watch the whole episode on Netflix or some other site, unless you want to wait for PBS to air that particular episode again. The World Book Youtube channel takes care of that if you have no way to see Scott Sampson's version of the science facts, though it is a little more in detail than the PBS short.

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