STL Science Center

STL Science Center

30 September 2012

That Lack of Kid Related Things

Rajasaurus has joined the ranks of so many other unfortunate dinosaurs that do not have anything to present to the children of the world. That is not completely true I suppose, they have being a dinosaur to offer to children. There are a lot of dinosaurs in the world though, and Rajasaurus is not as well known as others, and has, therefore, not been the subject of many child related internet pages. Science Kids, the New Zealand based science website does mention Rajasaurus, in short dialogue, but then has a very basic Abelisaur illustrating the page, which is kind of sad. They are passing on the knowledge though, and that's a start. Project Exploration, mentioned earlier, has a lot of good information for the children of the world and, most importantly, labels it out nice and concise for children to read. There are no coloring pages labeled as such, but yesterday's entry has a black and white image that could be used surely.

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