STL Science Center

STL Science Center

14 October 2012

A Child's Mapusaurus

Good news finally this week. First and foremost, no, we do not have our normal child related links to share with everyone. That is, as always, a little bit sad, but we have some other factual links that children can look at today. We have the Natural History Museum in London as well as the National Geographic Dinopedia (it's a preview and it's being a bit temperamental, but don't let that get you down) for the kiddos to look at today. There are toys out from CollectA now also, which are pretty decent models. The only bad thing about models of that stature is that they always tend to be expensive. These run about $10 US, which isn't bad for dinosaur models, but they aren't the same as a giant bag of generic plastics for $10 either. Additionally, there are plenty of black and white images for coloring (all my previous notions of "rules" still apply of course folks). The best ones are probably Brett Booth's sketch on his blog Carnosauria and Fabio Pastori's sketch of the scene I showed on Friday before he colored it. Just remember, these do not belong to me, so do not post them or say you have my permission to post them online with your coloring jobs!

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