STL Science Center

STL Science Center

29 October 2012

Chirostenotes On Celluloid

First of all, I know that no films really use celluloid any more, especially those that are animated, as with Dinosaur Train, or those that are featured on BBC and Discovery channels that entertain the topics of dinosaurs and other extinct animals. There was a time when they were of course, when skeletal models and "talking heads" were more important to the documentary than CGI flashiness. At this exact moment those days are a little put aside, some shows still focus on the older documentary style, but not entirely, and models in CGI are the norm. Chirostenotes, as noted yesterday, has appeared in Dinosaur Train at least once; there is the potential to see the character again though given that it lives in the same location as the main characters. Whether or not we see that character again in the show no one knows for certain, but it is the only noteworthy mention of Chirostenotes so far in a show that has made its way to being mentioned online. Dinosaur King shows a hit somewhere, but I have not watched that cartoon in a good long while, not since my brother used to watch it after school when he was a lot younger, so I have not sifted through to see if it really show up. 4KidsTV has two seasons of episodes on Youtube (above link) but at the moment I do not have the time to sift through all of those episodes to look for one dinosaur sadly! Regardless, it may contain one. Other shows that we know contain dinosaurs do not mention Chirostenotes yet. Hopefully this will change as it is a remarkable animal and very interesting, but for now, it just is not happening.

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