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STL Science Center

18 October 2012

The Popular Mapusaurus

©Tuomas Koivurinne
On this last day of Mapusaurus, the popular culture day, I usually would send us off with a picture of some random toy or television episode, but not today. I asked last weekend, of all my artist acquaintances, if any had any Mapusaurs which I could borrow for the blog. Tuesday afternoon I got an email from one Mr. Koivurinne asking if I still wanted/needed illustrations and of course I said yes that we would like to see something if he had it, I like his style, and he replied that he was going to whip something up overnight. Actually, the exact words were "I could make a quick work of it." The above is the end result, which is one heck of a quick work! This is my "quick work" skill level with drawing:
Awesome cartoon-esque bunny skills
Needless to say, his illustration deserved to be up on the head of this column today regardless of what aspect of Mapusaurus I was going to talk about.

So, on to popular culture. A quick list would go: Planet Dinosaur from BBC, Dinosaur King, a few random books, none of which are singularly devoted to Mapusaurus at this time, and  one toy and a few tribute videos. Dinosaur King is the only topic we have not hit in popular culture which deserves a good look today though (books always deserve a good look, but most of these books only vaguely include Mapusaurus). Dinosaur King features five cards with Mapusaurus on them. For a collectible card game three different cards with one character is usually a lot in my experience (yes, I played Magic a lot when younger, and sometimes older) so to have five is pretty fantastic, especially given the sheer amount of characters we have seen through the past two years alone in the card game. Mapusaurus is definitely a popular dinosaur and getting more and more popular all the time. I hope the next time I see a dinosaur specific book come out for kids it will have Mapusaurus right up in the front of it honestly. Maybe in my spare time I should start trying to write dinosaur books for kids...

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