STL Science Center

STL Science Center

12 November 2012

Motionless Microvenator

Microvenator, for some reason or another, has not shown its face in any documentaries, kid's shows, cartoons, movies, short films, commercials, television shows, or flipbooks that have been posted online as videos. In fact, it does not even show up for more than a brief moment in a tribute video dedicated to Oviraptorids as a clade. This extreme lack of resources leads to a rather unique issue; we have absolutely nothing at all to share on this dinosaur on Movie Monday. I think this has happened to this extreme perhaps twice in my recorded knowledge, which is quite amazing really. In place of that I offer a look at the ilia of Microvenator compared to other described Oviraptorids and I have borrowed the caption from Jaime Headden, who I think deserves credit for the image in this form as well.
©Jaime A. Headden
 From Jaime's caption of the above image:
Preserved pelvis of several North American oviraptorosaurians. A, RTMP 79.20.1, referred to Chirostenotes pergracilis Gilmore, 1924 (after Currie & Russell, 1988); B, AMNH FR 3041, holotype of Microvenator celer Ostrom, 1970 (after Makovicky & Sues, 1998); C, GI 100/119, holotype of Nomingia gobiensis Barsbold et al., 2000; D, ROM 43250, holotype of Epichirostenotes curriei Sullivan et al., 2011 (after Sues, 2008); SMP VP-1458, holotype of Ojoraptorsaurus boerei Sullivan et al., 2011. Scale bar equals 10cm.

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