STL Science Center

STL Science Center

04 November 2012

New Dinosaurs and Children

New dinosaurs always seem to be lacking in the "child friendly" areas of the internet, which really just means that we, as a paleontologically (I think I just made up a word) minded community need to put in the effort to build a better network for the children of the world to learn about all dinosaurs. I think I dive into this topic at least once a month. Had I the resources and know-how I would do it. Perhaps I will use some free time to learn how to make a killer website and put it together...

However, for the nonce, to sound sophisticated this morning, we shall have to make due with what we have to teach children about Diabloceratops. One would imagine that such an ornate and crazy looking dinosaur would have already accumulated some websites devoted to it or some of our favorite children's websites would have dredged out space for such a wondrous creature. I know that the newly, in the last year, opened Natural History Museum in Utah there is a Diabloceratops skull mounted on the wall (look in the lower center of the picture of the wall mounted ceratopsians) and, at the time that this entry was written about the museum, there was one in what was called the Paleolab that could be shown to eager youngsters. If you live in Salt Lake, or near enough to take a day trip some time, it looks as though it would be a wonderful museum to take a family to. I wish it had been there, in this capacity at least, the last time I was in Salt Lake, but in 2003 it was probably a vague thought in someone's mind. Toys and cartoons do not exist for Diabloceratops, neither do dedicated coloring pages (though you can always ask Andrey Atuchin nicely if you can use his line art to color, he's a nice guy, or Elijah Shandseight, though I do not know him at all), which is both unfortunate and sad.

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  1. Good news, though! Safari Limited will be making a Diabloceratops figure next year! There's an announcement on the Dinosaur Toy Blog: