STL Science Center

STL Science Center

05 November 2012

Not Quite A Movie Star

Diabloceratops, as a new dinosaur, is under the radar in terms of appearances on film. We have visited this issue before in discussing how newer dinosaurs are less likely to appear in documentaries, movies, or television shows for a number of years and then, even after a century or more, how some still do not get chosen to be represented in any way shape or form of motion entertainment. In some instances it is very odd that certain dinosaurs are not shown in movies etc. but with a dinosaur like Diabloceratops, only recently described and revealed to the public, that sort of thing is both very understandable and makes a lot of sense. There is a fairly well done tribute video, though I put it on mute after about ten seconds (we have discussed my dislike of musical choices for tribute videos many times over I think by this point), but it highlights some great illustrations and shows many interpretations of Diabloceratops by some very good artists, and we really cannot complain about that.

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