STL Science Center

STL Science Center

25 November 2012

The Children's Lizard Eater

Saurophaganax, for kids, is not really a foreign animal. It has appeared in a number of places, including in Dinosaur King in an episode called Dueling Dinos. I like that we can step away from the hard science one day a week to enjoy cartoons and being a kid in a way like this. Sunday is one of my favorite days in each dinosaur's week. I'm happy that I have found a lot of dinosaurs in cartoons lately as well. Saurophaganax does not stop with Dinosaur King though. It also has its own book, which I found through Target's website. It also has an information page through the Natural History Museum in London. There are not many coloring opportunities, but if you look online you can find a few black and white images.

Speaking of which. I am putting together some of my illustrations (I know they are not highly professional) as coloring books for some of my nieces. It ought to be fun.

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