STL Science Center

STL Science Center

24 December 2012

Constant Topic of Discussion

First of all, Happy Holidays from me! Have a look at my holiday dinosaur:
I draw cartoon-esque dinosaurs
Second, allow me to share some Dryptosaurus videos. Dryptosaurus has made it into the animatronic dinosaur parks of the world including the Field Station: Dinosaurs in Seacaucus, NJ, which is tied to a number of sponsors including the New Jersey State Museum. An important note for my East Coast readers; Field Station: Dinosaurs is closed for the season and reopens on April 5 for its second season (which is why some of you in NJ even may not have heard of it before now!). Here is their Dryptosaurus exhibit:
Also, whether you have seen it before or not, I am sure that Tyler Keillor still needs support on his digital Dryptosaurus sculpture, so be sure to at least listen to his project description on Kickstarter. Obviously during the holiday season it is a lot harder to afford something like this, but he has a good aim and he has done quality work so he deserves the support he has gotten so far. There are no other high quality videos that I would recommend today, so, enjoy your Christmas Eve if that is your thing, and if not, have a good Monday!

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