STL Science Center

STL Science Center

03 December 2012

Moving Oryctodromeus

As far as illustrated Oryctodromeus we cannot really improve much on the fun illustrations of yesterday. Dinosaur Train really characterized the speed that Oryctodromeus is theorized to have possessed; though they did not show it in a running stance so much as they showed speed as a characteristic of their movement in general. Still, it was entertaining and interesting. Today's videos are much less movement oriented in comparison and are actually much more information driven. One of them, which I have not used as a video source in ages, comes from the emails and letters that George Blasing (Dinosaur George) answers on YouTube. Due to that fact it is important to note that in order to hear the information George has on Oryctodromeus you may have to listen through some other emails. Considering I rather enjoy hearing some of the emails he receives and his interpretations.
I also found a short video from Emory University and, specifically, Anthony Martin, showing bits of Martin's hike through Australia and one of the burrow sites that he and his colleagues discovered in Australia. There is not much to it, but it is something to look at and hear some thoughts from the discoverers. An adapted story from the Emory announcement can be seen on a site called Fossil Science.

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