STL Science Center

STL Science Center

09 December 2012

The Children's Abelisaurus

Abelisaurus pops up a lot for children's pleasures. There are a few good places to get facts, such as the NHM of London. There are a number of interesting things online from Dinosaur King to video game references and some books. There is a group on YouTube, and probably other places online, called HooplaKidzTV that is educational for children. One of the little episodes features a talking Abelisaurus who introduces and describes himself. Not very accurate looking, but educational nonetheless.

He has a cold and a powerful sneeze also. There are a couple of suitable coloring pages as well. I'll post them just below (except for this one from Josep Zacarias, which you can ask his permission to use). I hate to cut it short today, but I have a Biostatistics final tomorrow, so I need to run along and study! Have fun coloring today folks. I may take a moment out to color a sheet myself later!

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