STL Science Center

STL Science Center

14 February 2013

Archelon Meets Cavemen

I wanted very badly to embed a clip put up by TCM (that's Turner Classic Movies for those that do not know) on YouTube from the Hammer Film's- great British "cheesy" movies most of the time- remake of One Million Years B.C. that features an Archelon fighting some cavemen. Unfortunately, TCM does not allow embedding of that clip. I love Ray Harryhausen's stop motion work on films like this though; it is ancient compared to computer graphics, but it is so wonderful to see the work that went into making the models and positioning them and everything else involved in the process. Also, if this is not the best page of stop motion gifs ever, and I am linking directly to the Archelon gif, then I do not know who is topping it, but I want to see it. Archelon, as we have seen, also appears in story books, including a newer one, and in many different images. One image that I have not shared until today is a U-Haul trailer image:
U-Haul; educating Americans about the past one truck or trailer at a time.

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