STL Science Center

STL Science Center

10 February 2013

Fun Times To Come

Dinosaurs are not the same as Archelon. Technically I should say Archelon is not a dinosaur- though it does show up on the Dinosaur For Kids fact site- but it is all the same. It does not appear, to my knowledge, to be a part of the Dinosaur King universe at this time, though it will shortly be a character in the Dinosaur Train world. I feel somewhat like I am giving a free advertisement today, but starting February 18th Dinosaur Train is going to have a number of episodes in a "Dinosaur Submarine" rather than on a train. One of those scheduled episodes is set to have an Archelon character. If you can watch PBS keep an eye out for it in the near future! Not much exists in the toy or book for children sections of the world. There is one image at least that could be used for coloring purposes, which is nice at least. It is located here, but I am not going to post it itself as I did not ask to do so.

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