STL Science Center

STL Science Center

21 February 2013

The Most Popular Reptile in the Sea

Tylosaurus is found in many aspects of popular culture. Books, YouTube videos, toys; we know they all exist. Mr. Everhart loves Tylosaurus- I have gathered that from his frequent and very useful comments and links this week in addition to the amount of information addressing Tylosaurus in his book- and a fellow graduate student I know is working on isotope analysis in mosasaurs; he has not mentioned specifically a genus of study, but chances are fairly good that it is a Tylosaurus vertebral column which he is analyzing. Additionally, as I always enjoy finding- in part because I love Zoo Tycoon and in part because I like seeing prehistoric animals in video games- I have found an add on that places a Tylosaurus in the menagerie of animals available for display in a player's zoo. There are a few Tylosaurus add ons, but this seems to be the original model that made its way online.
Zoo Tycoon 2 Tylosaurus

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