STL Science Center

STL Science Center

07 March 2013

Sharks and Being Popular

Cretoxyrhina, as we have seen, is a popular shark in documentaries, on kid's shows, as fossil remains, illustrations, and the subject of papers and books. Now we can add toys to that list, of course we expect to see toys coming out of any children's show and PBS' Dinosaur Train is no exception. Safari chimes in though as well with one of their small TOOB figure sets, so the only toys available are not necessarily extra cartoon-like like the Dinosaur Train toys. Strangely enough, however, Cretoxyrhina has not really made a lot of headway in the video game department. It has been modded into Zoo Tycoon, but no one has created, to my knowledge, any in the Spore creature creator. In fact, we have not seen a single sea creature that I can remember come from Spore, which is odd for popular Thursdays. To finish the popularity splurge, I would like to offer everyone the ability to purchase their very own Cretoxyrhina mantelli life size replica:

Available at for only 18,000Eur ($23,437)

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