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STL Science Center

12 March 2013

Some Good Papers

I have a number of papers I enjoyed this week. The first is O.P. Hay's long communications in the American Natural History Bulletin. The title was "A Revision of the Species of the Family of Fossil Turtles Called Toxochelyidae, with Descriptions of Two New Species of Toxochelys and a New Species of Porthochelys." In this longer paper Hay does exactly what he says he is going to do, so it is not a big mystery where he is going, but it is a good read to see what his revisions were and how he went about describing the new species. The second recommended reading for the day is, should it be available for everyone's perusal (not everyone can read Taylor and Francis hosted JVP articles), is a good Elizabeth Nicholls paper on new material and another, more recent, revision of the genus Toxochelys. Her revision, and description of Niobrara material, extends the stratigraphic range of the genus. Matzke's "Osteology of the skull of Toxochelys" looks like an interesting read, but I can only get a short preview PDF, so I cannot comment on it too much. I would be interested in it though; it is the kind of thing I enjoy reading. That wraps up my recommended reading for the day. If anyone else has any good suggestions, please share them!

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