STL Science Center

STL Science Center

14 March 2013

Turtle's Last Hurrah

Despite the respectively "vast" amount of material that exists for Toxochelys there is not a lot of popular mention of them. We have, of course, shown places that they can be found (in part thanks to the highly informative comments of readers) and we have also looked at some well written papers, both old and new, that describe the genus and species within the genus. There are no toys or television shows, no zoo tycoon models that I have seen. The popular Toxochelys just does not exist as we would like it to. Someone did try to patch it into a card game like Dinosaur King, but I do not think that has officially happened as yet. It has been "pinned" on Pinterest, for what that is worth in the current internet culture. Some books also mention Toxochelys, though there are no dedicated texts that I have found. These books are largely about marine reptiles (edited by Jack Callaway and Elizabeth Nicholls) and a reference is made in a book regarding sea turtle behavior and life cycles. Tomorrow we will start a week on a much more popular marine reptile. They are a bit older and we have to venture out of the WIS to visit them, but they are instantly recognizable and I could not do a special topic series like this without mentioning them.

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