STL Science Center

STL Science Center

28 March 2013

Well Known Polycotylids

We have shared information about books, movies, and even stuffed animals this week. For not being a household name Dolichorhynchops is a fairly popular prehistoric marine reptile; maybe it is the name that keeps this agile swimmer out of the public eye more than anything else. One thing we have not shared is the toys that are, supposedly at least, representative of Dolichorhynchops. One would think that something like Dinosaur King would have hit on these marine reptiles as part of the game and/or the cartoon, however, it has not; I guess the creators are leaving the water to the Pokemon.
However, toys have come a long way and even the cheaper toys are now becoming more accurate (we are not talking about the dollar store bag of dinosaurs of course) representations of prehistoric life that sometimes rival and even surpass the models put out in the market by the more expensive makers (we are all looking at you Safari LTD.). This toy model, for instance, was produced by Wild Republic for Nat. Geo's line based out of the "sea monsters" movie, not to be confused with the Dolly given out at Jack in the Box to promote the movie; talk about marketing in all available niches! Wild Republic also produced the stuffed animal shared the other day. This plastic figure has since been cancelled, unfortunately, but there are still other figures, such as the one produced by Collecta, that are moderately priced, as far as prehistoric toys are concerned, at between $9 and $10 depending on where it is purchased (a "sea monster" tube from Safari LTD. that contains 9-10 mini figures costs approximately the same amount).

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