STL Science Center

STL Science Center

20 April 2013

A Long Day Ended

©Brian Franczak
This is a late entry because I just got back in in the last few hours from doing some work on a National Wildlife Refuge. They were counting species of everything on the refuge. I helped with birds mostly. Anyhow, due to the lateness of it, and the fact that I am just plain tired today, I am not going to put up a lot of art today. Strangely enough, this was the perfect dinosaur for such an event to cause a lack of illustrations to be posted for. Panoplosaurus was a pretty basic nodosaur. Not only did it have a basic body plan, but it did not have many ostentatious ornamentations on its body. These things all coming together give us a fairly typical nodosaurian dinosaur, which is pretty much what we expect when we think of ankylosaurs and nodosaurs. That does not make this a bad thing at all, but it does make it a somewhat bland dinosaur in some aspects. I still think you look pretty nifty Panoplosaurus, even if you are kind of bland.

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