STL Science Center

STL Science Center

08 April 2013


I love finding videos that people shoot at little amusement parks or zoos, like the Memphis Zoo, that have seasonal dinosaur exhibits. Actually, the one at the Memphis Zoo is particularly well done and even outdoes the museum in Memphis. It is a recurring exhibit in the early summer or late spring, depending on the exact week it opens. If anyone is interested check out some of the photos I posted from last spring's exhibit over on this page. However, I am sad to admit that there was not a Gigantspinosaurus there. There is, however, one at King's Island in Ohio. I have not been to King's Island in a long time, but it looks as though their Dinosaur's Alive section of the park is fairly popular and they have a Gigantspinosaurus, which is pretty amazing. It is not the most accurate version ever, but it looks pretty good for a theme park dinosaur. It is also captured on video, the only Gigantspinosaurus video I have seen in my search today:

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