STL Science Center

STL Science Center

01 April 2013

Smallest Mosasaur Video Collection

Surprise! There are no videos. No April Fools' joke here, there just are not any Clidastes related videos. Not even a tribute video dedicated entirely to Clidastes. There is a video dedicated to "sea monsters" that has an image or two of Clidastes, but that is not very useful or detailed in terms of what we have come to expect from Movie Monday. There is also a video that has a computer voice over, which sounds awful and is a very short informative clip. I suppose it is better than nothing, but I hate the days that I cannot deliver as promised on any front, but such is the danger of covering any and all forms of prehistoric life during special months (and the occasional dinosaur that has never been mentioned in any videos as well). A short entry with a small selection is better than having nothing at all to share to educate ourselves though! It may inspire someone out there with some video editing skills to make a short video as well, we never know!

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