STL Science Center

STL Science Center

11 April 2013

The Charismatic Stego

From How to Draw Incredible Dinosaurs to its inclusion in Dinosaur King, Gigantspinosaurus has been made quite welcome in the popular culture of the world. Considering that it is little understood and the exact physical orientation of its namesake spikes are still debated in many circles, it is interesting that it is popular already. In part it owes its face to the public to the fact that it has been around as long as it has even with its "dubious" name being out there for the first half of its existence (in our knowledge that is of course). Strangely, however, I cannot seem to find toys and models of Gigantspinosaurus, and we can all admit that that would make a fantastic toy/model. There are a myriad of Dinosaur King cards that depict Gigantspinosaurus, but that is a little bit different; a card game is not the same as a 3-D model. There was this promotional piece from Dinosaurs Unearthed, but that does not really qualify as a mass market toy. Spore, though I could not find videos this week, does have some creators that have engineered little Gigantspinosaurs, like the one found in this image.

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