STL Science Center

STL Science Center

06 May 2013

Albertaceratops in Motion?

Sometimes even the most popular groups of dinosaurs run low on material now and again. At some times it could be because there is no information out there and some times it is simply because no one has thought to create something for that dinosaur. In this instance, the only videos online appear to be put up by companies making models of dinosaurs and are, therefore, not free to share. That alone is kind of a letdown, but companies have to make money somehow, right? The thing that is the saddest, I think, is that this means no one has found an animatronic version of Albertaceratops; it is pretty much an unwritten rule of the internet that animatronics are filmed and posted on YouTube. There is a German "wikivideo" for Albertaceratops. I am not sure exactly how many people reading this speak German though, so it may or may not be helpful. Sadly that is not too good for a day that should be brimming with videos.

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