STL Science Center

STL Science Center

30 May 2013

Fame in Fukui

The fame level of Fukuiraptor is not too high. It is pretty good for a dinosaur and it is really nice to see it get some recognition given the little amount of press we see about Japanese fossils in general. Perhaps because it is a Japanese dinosaur, in part, Fukuiraptor quickly made its way into the video game versions of Dinosaur King as well as the card game version of the brand. There is even an arcade version of Dinosaur King that includes Fukuiraptor somewhere out there (It sounds very British in the video below). After much searching I have discovered that a toy model has in fact been produced representing Fukuiraptor, which is also nice. It is listed for sale only online and in Fukui Prefecture, as far as I can tell though, so you toy collectors will have to either shell out shipping and handling money or make your way to Japan!

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