STL Science Center

STL Science Center

09 May 2013

More Popularity Please

I think we need more popularity amongst dinosaurs. Albertaceratops has a very small amount of popular cultural references. Dinosaur King, which hits many different dinosaurs and makes them more known amongst the viewers/players of the game, has a couple of cards devoted to Albertaceratops. I would love to say that the cartoon featured an Albertaceratops heavily, but I cannot say such a thing. Dinosaur Train has no references that I have found as yet either. Albert the Albertaceratops would be a wonderful character too. They are just simply missing out on things. There are also no toys to speak of; we all know toys are good at spreading popular references of dinosaurs. There are not many mentions in books either. Sadly, this is another dinosaur that has a rather shallow entry on the popularity day. Poor Albertaceratops.

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