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STL Science Center

14 May 2013

Paper Dinosaurs

Momentary break from studying here, bringing everyone some dino-papers to read in your free time. Australovenator, for a slightly lesser known dinosaur, is doing quite well in the "being researched" category. Multiple papers are available on a fair number of different aspects concerning Australovenator. New discoveries have been described in detail. These new discoveries are concerned with forearm material associated with the skeleton. It is always nice to have new discoveries adding to the knowledge of the animal being discussed. There are also papers that question the tracks attributed to dinosaurs in the area where the bones of Australovenator were discovered. While the tracks have been attributed to different animals than Australovenator, they help to describe the world in which Australovenator was living. That is important in understanding the lives of the animals we discuss here.

The clade is also written about as a larger group. The reassignment of the group did not actually occur that long ago, relatively speaking. There are some interesting characters authoring that paper also; Benson is a name I find in a lot of my plesiosaur research, for example. The majority of these papers look at large scale relationships and sets of remains. The last paper compares metacarpal I of Australovenator and another dinosaur and discusses their taxonomic relationship. The fact that a single small bone is the topic of a paper, given that there are other bones available, is fairly interesting and unique. Enjoy the papers, I have to go back to studying now.

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