STL Science Center

STL Science Center

29 May 2013

Small Fukuiraptor

Note that the caption on the top of the size comparisons makes a note that Fukuiraptor, which seems small compared to an average man, may turn out to be a juvenile of the species and thus not the full size of the Fukuiraptor adults. In part, in addition to the misinterpretation of the claws by the original finders, this small size may have led to the initial thought that Fukuiraptor may have been a dromaeosaur and not a carnosaur. Regardless, the small size of Fukuiraptor is interesting. If the holotype is a juvenile that means that the initial description and diagnosis are problematic. Diagnosis and description from juveniles is always contentious, though the growth series that has been described does add to the argument that the description is valid.

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