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STL Science Center

25 June 2013

Deltadromeus Learns to Type

Deltadromeus is mentioned in quite a few books on African dinosaurs and is, as seen on Sunday, the titular dinosaur in at least one of those books. The naming paper for Deltadromeus is also available for reading thanks to a link through The Theropod Archives and the hosting of the paper by Dr. Jeffrey Wilson at the University of Michigan. The paper not only details the discovery and differentiation of Deltadromeus from other dinosaurs of the Sahara, but also details the discovery of other material discovered in the Sahara's Kem Kem region of Morocco. It is a good paper on a very successful expedition into the desert and well worth the read. The illustrations of the Carcharodontosaurus skull that was uncovered are wonderful, though off topic for the week. The image of Deltadromeus remains from the paper are impressive though.
Deltadromeus remains recovered as depicted in Sereno et al 1996
Today's paper:
Sereno, P. C., Dutheil, D. B., Iarochene, M., Larsson, H. ะก., Lyon, G. H., Magwene, P. M., Sidor, C. A., Varricchio, D. J., & Wilson, J. A. (1996) Predatory Dinosaurs from the Sahara and Late Cretaceous Faunal Differentiation. Science, 272(5264), 986-991.

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