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STL Science Center

27 June 2013

Fossil for Sale

The arguments for and against the sale of fossils are all over the map; much like any other debate ranging from guns to religious freedom and beyond. Deltadromeus is one of those dinosaurs that have teeth for sale online. Despite anyone's stance on fossil ownership, that is pretty interesting. The teeth are expensive as well. Considering that a skull has yet to be found it raises a few eyebrows and important questions the most important of which is probably something akin to "How do we know that they belong to Deltadromeus?" Apparently the authenticity paper that comes with the teeth is proof enough for some people, but without a skull I am a bit skeptical. If we did not know what a dachshund's teeth looked like I could pull a retriever's tooth and sell it as a genuine dachshund tooth. Enough of that though, bring on the video game dinosaurs!

Spore creators are some of my favorite people these days. They always have the dinosaur we are talking about. They are not always the best models ever, but they are gallant efforts usually and generally are fairly good representations. Some are off a bit; today I found a Deltadromeus that looked like it had been lifting weights the past 100 million years. There is also the hyperactive version shown on the episode of Dinosaur King shared earlier this week. The same animation appears in the Dinosaur King video game and on the cards used in the "analog" version of the game. Toys and books, video games, fossils for sale; Deltadromeus is actually a very popular African dinosaur though its name is less well known than some other dinosaurs.

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