STL Science Center

STL Science Center

23 June 2013

Running for Children

I suppose it is more likely that Deltadromeus would run after children rather than for children. If dinosaurs were around like in Dinotopia cancer runs would raise ridiculous amounts of money I bet though; I like to think dinosaurs had more stamina than the average person. Anyhow, Deltadromeus is a fairly kid friendly dinosaur. There are a number of child oriented fact pages online; About and Age of Dinosaurs have the best ones for today. Kids that cannot put down electronics can play some Dinosaur King with Deltadromeus or they can pick up the card game and play with Deltadromeus in a slightly less animated manner. Children that would rather use all of their imagination instead of letting the electronics do some of it for them could grab a Deltadromeus model/toy crafted by Safari LTD; though it is designed for the Carnegie collection which means that its up a little higher in the price world. The Safari LTD model is skull ornamentation free, another interpretation of what the skull may look like should we ever find one. If your young ones would rather read there is a book called Deltadromeus and other Shoreline Dinosaurs out there that they could pick up and read through. There are a lot of resources for kids to enjoy for Deltadromeus.

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