STL Science Center

STL Science Center

17 June 2013

Scary Flesh

The fleshed model of Heterodontosaurus that you my see in timelapse images of the construction of the model is a little frightening. The horror of it is no doubt due in part to the rather mammalian appearance of the model at first glance. Actually watching the video takes away from the creepiness of the model a tiny bit, but only because you get to see the feathering and skin details get placed on the model. It should also be made apparent that the model in that video is actually of a different genus of dinosaur related to Heterodontosaurus (Pegomastax africanus is depicted by the model). While a different dinosaur it is closely related to Heterodontosaurus and provides the only fleshed out model that accurately represents the family at the time being; hopefully better models of Heterodontosaurus will be created independently at some point. For that time being, however, enjoy, or at least try to not be freaked out by, this Heterodontosaurid model being created:

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