STL Science Center

STL Science Center

13 June 2013

Statues and Electronics

From the Jurassic Park Wiki, artist uncredited
There are a lot of Suchomimus out there in the world. There are statues and video games and many other popular culture pieces. One was shared on the Facebook page at the beginning of the week as well. There are a ton of different references for video games and toys and even some books and magazines that are geared more toward an audience that already possesses some knowledge of dinosaurs and their workings; magazines are, as opposed to journals, always more general in the assumed knowledge of the reader of course. Some of the best references outside the statuary and literary worlds are the video games. Toys looked to as models of dinosaurs are spotty in their accuracy and those that are accurate are good for modelling and playing around but they suffer the curse of being static. One of the benefits of having the electronic media we have in this day is that we can see Suchomimus models interacting with other dinosaur models and even hunting/fishing. Sometimes these are somewhat unlikely, but artistic license and knowledge of modifying existing models to have a Suchomimus is enough for me to overlook that.

Then there are the people that build the Suchomimus, or other dinosaurs, from the ground up as much as is possible without building their own wireframes and code. These are always fun to see and interesting because the tools are set and it takes a lot of ingenuity and ability to accurately use them to create a known dinosaur. I have a healthy respect for the Spore creators that post fairly nice creatures they molded. I picked the one I think is the best out of a very big list, for a dinosaur in Spore, of Suchomimus models:

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