STL Science Center

STL Science Center

10 June 2013

Suchomimus in Action

Suchomimus pops up in a lot of cartoons I have found; or clips anyway. It has also shown up in a couple of older video games. Not many of the cartoon clips get more dramatic than the one included here. That is some violent cartoon action; it is probably still not considered mature or even teen because the violence is between dinosaurs, but it is still pretty violent for a kids' show. Violence kind of drives television though, and I love a good action movie or creature fight (Godzilla was the best movie ever when I was 7), so I am not really complaining. The only drawback to these video games and cartoons, however, is that they are not informative past a certain point. Dinosaur King gives some facts before the fighting is illustrated and sometimes video games also give a small amount of facts, but what we are really lacking here is a good documentary style video. There really is not much in that vein. Enjoy the cartoon fight, however, it is fun to watch.

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