STL Science Center

STL Science Center

02 June 2013

What Lacks in Content

Fukuisaurus. Fact pages designed to deliver quick information at a reading level that can be accessed by younger students, as we often try to showcase on Sundays around here, are at a minimum for this dinosaur. In fact, only the Natural History Museum in London has a page that I would recommend today. Couple that with the lack of other child related resources on the internet for Fukuisaurus and we have little to go on. A number of dinosaur encyclopedias mention Fukuisaurus, so a trip to your local library may be in order to share more with the children today. A trip to the library is rarely a poor idea so comfort can be taken in spending some hours looking for Fukuisaurus and other dinosaurs (plus whatever gardening, mystery novels, or biographies that one wants to add to their summer reading lists) is time well spent. As always, I have scoured the internet looking for something to color and I turned up a fairly quality image by a young lady named Rachel who is studying illustration and animation at Coventry University. I did not find her dinosaur doodle on this page, but it is her professional work, and I like to show people the professional work of others as much as I can. Dinosaur doodle by Rachel below:

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