STL Science Center

STL Science Center

14 July 2013

Children and Dwarf Dinosaurs

Science for Kids has a pretty good fact page going for Zalmoxes. It is a bit short, but it gets the important information out there quick and in an easily readable way. Additionally, I found a pretty sweet puzzle site that is any age friendly. You can make the pieces any size you want from a 12x12 puzzle down to a 2x2 puzzle. That means you, or your child/nephew/niece/sibling, can customize the puzzle to fit yours, or their, skill abilities. Pretty nifty if you ask me. Seeing as how you can create your own puzzles on that site, be prepared for more Sunday kid friendly posts with dinosaur puzzles! This will help a lot for dinosaurs that are not as popular. Also, when you are done with your puzzles and reading your facts, here are a couple of coloring pages worth all kinds of time and fun to color and detail!


  1. The dwarf dinos of Romania are definitely underappreciated if you ask me! A friend of mine actually does some pretty good paleo art, and he quickly sketched out a few other Hatzeg dwarf dinos for me: no Zalmoxes, but a few other cool ones!

    1. Thanks for sharing, we'll look into that!