STL Science Center

STL Science Center

21 July 2013

Torvosaurus Educates, Does Not Eat, Children

We know if Torvosaurus were alive today it would not differentiate between adults and children in its diet, but we can assume that today it will only educate children rather than eat them. Doing so are the nice webmasters of Educated Learning in both abbreviated and detailed fact pages, the well written blog of Brian Switek, and a page on Dinosaur Jungle. Additionally, there is a rather fun educational video from HooplaKidz TV, which we have used before here, that depicts an animated Torvosaurus describing herself and just generally being entertaining. In terms of actual coloring pages today, there are none for Torvosaurus; our first missing link, so to speak, of the day. There are quality images that would make good coloring sheets, but they are the property of their artists and are not meant for coloring, so if anyone out there wants to color them in they need to be sure to ask the permission of the artists before using their works.

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