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STL Science Center

15 August 2013

Hard Being Popular

One of the worst things about ceratopsian skeletons is the general lack of post cranial material. Generally all ceratopsians are illustrated, sculpted, and modeled the same exact way post cranially due to this lack of information. Therefore, a lot of illustrations, etc. that are attributed to an animal like Pentaceratops are not always of that animal (images geared toward children are the absolute worst at misidentifying ceratopsians). Despite this and the sheer number of returns in a search for Pentaceratops, the popularity of Pentaceratops is not over exaggerated by misidentifications; it is in fact a rather popular dinosaur in popular culture. Pentaceratops has been depicted in Dinosaur King video games as well as cartoons (both episodes in which Pentaceratops appears are hosted by 4KidsTV on YouTube) and in other games, such as Spore, where it was created or added in by players of the game.
Pentaceratops has also been molded a number of different ways as toys and action figures; the ability to be posed being where I differentiate the two. Toys tend to be a little more often scientifically accurate models, whereas action figures are almost always gaudy representations of a passable version of the dinosaur in question.


Action figure

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