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STL Science Center

19 August 2013

Othnielosaurus Hunted

Once again Othnielosaurus has not shown up in searches due to the change in name. However, Othnielia still turns up results on this happy little Monday. Strangely enough, the results it turns up appear to have landed us in two time frames; Jurassic and Cretaceous references are both present for Othnielia in the one documentary in which it seems to appear. The documentary series in question is Walking with Dinosaurs, and we know from experience here that the experience of Walking with Dinosaurs is that it is sometimes inaccurate. Othnielia/Othnielosaurus is hunted in two episodes of the series at large. In one episode it is approached by a Cretaceous Utahraptor in what is now Europe while in another episode it is hunted by Jurassic Allosaurs in North America. Unfortunately, clips from episodes of shows like Walking with Dinosaurs are slowly getting weeded out from the internet due to copyright laws, so it is getting harder and harder to find quality clips. Stills from the shows exist though and I can easily share those, as I have done today. As a caveat with this image though, it has also been seen labeled as Dryosaurus, Hypsilophodon, and probably others.


  1. Strange, I don't recall either of those scenes. If I remember right, the episode with Utahraptor had them hunting Iguanodon. To be fair though, there was a scene of Allosaurus hunting Othnieosaurus in the Big Al special.

    1. The one with the Utahraptor was beside a lake or a pond. They may have called it something else, but they used the same model. I wish I could have found the clips.